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10 nye Black Mambas er nu færdiguddannet

 Den 20.05.2016


May 2016

The process to deploy a team of young women in the Maseke Tribal Lands has progressed well. The steps followed are outlined herein:
Tribal Council accepts advertisement for posts
Advertisements circulated within community
Tribal Council assists in short-listing of candidates
Candidates interviewed with Tribal Council
10 x successful candidates notified by Chief Gabriel Malaje
Experienced Mambas + Transfrontier Africa take new recruits to training facility on Balule
Honesty Verification tests conducted on all new recruits
Fitness training begins; drill, PT, search + seizure, arrest procedures, radio protocol, foot + vehicle patrol protocol; Team building
External service provider: Campfire Academy contracted to provide certified course on working with wildlife + dangerous game.
Deployed to two current Black Mamba pickets on Balule to work and gain experience from the seasoned Mambas
External Service Proveder: ProTrack Anti Poaching Academy contracted for paramilitary and survival training
Completed May 2016
June 2016

The initial training is focussed on mentally preparing the candidates and giving the trainees an understanding of what the job entails, what we expect and the codeo of conduct for the Black Mambas; as well as developing discipline for the individual and the group as a whole. Apart from the team-building exercises, this stage of training included: the parade and drill procedure, arrest protocol, radio usage and protocol, general information about the job, fence line patrols and the identification of spoor, search and seizures of person and vehicle, physical fitness training, and to build team spirit and moral.
This training also gives management the opportunity to get to know the personality types and the dynamics within the group, an important aspect when deploying them into the field.

Continual evaluation of confidence, team spirit, physical abilities and understanding of legal procedures are documented. Here we are pleased to provide a short profile on each of the recruits to date:

Sharon Malepe:
Sharon started the training with a very positive attitude, and it quickly became evident that she is interested in working in a wildlife area as she was keen to learn about the different tracks and who they belonged to as well as her eagerness to see big 5 animals. She has appositive influence on the group, encouraging the team to work hard, however, over time we picked up on the fact that she can be moody, one moment she is loud and making jokes and keen to learn, the next she separates herself from the group and is very quiet. When talking to authority figure she can become nervous and struggles to speak her mind. She is a hard studier and try’s hard to perfect her search & seizure and arrest procedure but lacks confidence. For the most part she follows instructions and orders well but occasionally gets confused and doesn’t understand what’s expected of her once told what to do. Her fitness is something that need a lot of work but has improved in these last 10 days. Her note book is alright but needs to remember not to scratch out mistakes. She has a lot to improve on but has the potential to be a good mamba.

Nomas Mokgadi
Nomsa has struggled with the training and has not shown the positive attitude to learn and to try her very best. She suggested that she is a slow learner but then does not put in the extra study time to learn and to get things right. Her ability to follow orders and to do what is told needs a lot of work as she can seem like she is not that interested sometimes. She does have a very nice demeanour about her and during the ‘off’ time get along with the group very well. In terms of the fitness training she does try hard and pushes herself and the group but lack fitness. Although she has improved over time. She does like to sing and dance and can be funny amongst the group. Her note boom is kept in good order, which show her ability to listen and learn, when she feels like it. She has a lot to improve on in terms of her parade, search and seizure and arrest procedure, and she has the potential to improve as long as she can change her attitude and become keener to learn and be professional.

Suzen Mohale
Suzen started the training very nervous and shy, with in the group and also towards the sergeants and authority figures, but has since grown a great deal. She has a very nice kind, quiet way about her and is defiantly a strong silent type. She most certainly has the ability to be a leader and to lead in her own way as she will not show any favouritism and treats everyone equally. She is a fast and eager learner, really wanting to perform well in all aspects, her ability to listen and follow orders is great. She is hard on herself when she makes a mistake but learns from them. Her search and seizure and arrest procedure is good but lacks confidence in being that authority figure. She is the fittest in the group, and seems to enjoy the fitness side of the training, as well as the opportunity to work in a wildlife environment. She shows a great deal of respect to her sergeants. Her note book keeping is good. We feel that there is great potential with Suzan to become a great Mamba.

Patience Maphanga
Patience is a very quiet, shy lady, but over this training it has become evident that she has a strong will and back bone. She can be very hard on herself, which is positive but must not consume her. She does, however, quickly learn from her mistakes and makes sure not to repeat any. Due to how she is, her ability to show that she is a person of authority during search and seizures and arrest procedure is lacking but as we try build confidence in her, we hope that she in her own way will be able to develop an attitude towards that. She has never complained about what is asked of her and listens and follows orders well. She is one of the fitter trainees and likes to be involved in everything. She gets on with the whole
group and has a calming influence on them. She has made a couple mistakes with her note book and radio procedure but has learnt and corrected those mistakes. Patience brings a good and important personality and dynamic to the group but needs to become more confident with herself and in her ability.

Kedibone Malatji
Kedibone started off the training slowly and thought her surname would get her special treatment, she soon learnt that it wouldn’t and she wanted to leave. She was persuaded to stay and since then she has developed and grown immensely, she is quick to learn, cleaver and has a strong confident voice. She has shown that she is keen to work in a wildlife environment and has shown interest in the animal tracks and enjoys seeing different and new animals. She struggled a bit with the radio protocol but has since improved in that regard. Her search and seizure and arrest procedure is good and knows how to take that authoritative stance. She has the potential to be a leader but must make sure that, in her mind, that her surname does not do the talking, in this regard she started off not following orders well but has since improved and more and more so does what she is told. Her fitness has improved but has a long way to go. After the first couple days she really began to try hard and o immerse herself in the group. She does, however, have an ‘I’m better than you’ attitude which is understandable but will have to be removed if she wants to succeed in the training and to be a good mamba in the future. She is well educated and has the potential to grow and develop who she is as a person and as a future mamba.

Remember Pilusa
Remember started the training very subdued and has since opened up and grown tremendously, she is constantly worried and does not want to make mistakes but as time has progressed she has become more free in herself and in what she is doing. She is, however a little bit of a diva, but it is not a problem as it shows self-worth that she cares about her performance and how she looks. She listens well and follows instruction well, even though she confuses herself and makes mistake, she quickly learns what is expected of her. She does has the potential to become a leader with in the group as she treats everyone equally and has a calming, fun way about her. There is a lack in confidence in her when preforming her search and seizure and arrest procedure but that will come in time as she does have the ability to develop that authoritative attitude. She talks well and has an ability to understand situations well. her fitness needs developing. She is respectful and thoughtful of others and has been the leading influence in encouraging and helping others.

Thato Mokoni
Thato is a quiet lady, and is a strong silent type personality. She works well in a team and has a kind manner about her with a pinch of attitude that suggests that one does not want to get on the bad side of her, to which I feel is defiantly something we can work with. She is physically strong but needs to become fitter. She tries hard in the lecture room and picks up information and knowledge fast, her ability to follow instructions and orders is good and has learn what is expected of her. It seems that she can be intimidating and serious which are traits, I feel, to be important in the job she is being trained for. At the same time she is very much a team player and has a fun, happy side to her. I feel that she brings an interesting and important dynamic to the group. Her note book is of a good standard. Again with all the ladies her confidence needs improving but I feel that when she has better confidence her arrest and search and seizure procedure will be of a high standard. She certainly has the ability and potential to be a great mamba.

Loveness Mongwe
Loveness is a very insecure and nervous person, both within the group and towards the training. She really wants to do well, she tries the hardest and wants to be good at what she does but her nervousness gets in the way of her development. She does struggle to follow orders and do what is expected of her, but I think this is due to a language barrier and that she can be unsure of herself. She is kind hearted and treat everyone with respect and seems to be a very loyal and dedicated person so there is defiantly room for a lot of development. She is really interested in the natural environment and keen to learn about it and becomes excited when seeing and learning about new animal tracks and sightings. She has the potential to be a very important group member as she cares for everyone and the group pushes her to excel. Her note book is of good standard. Her fitness and strength needs some work. Due to how she is, her search and seizure, arrest and radio procedures has a lot to be desired as she struggles to speak with authority during the process and forgets details. If we push her and develop some self some self-confidence she will become a useful part of the team and a good mamba.

Lindiwe Pilusa
Lindiwe is both strong mentally and physically even though she is a reserved person. Her ability to take instructions and or orders is very good. She has tried hard in all arenas of the training but did, at first, struggle with the parade. She seems to have a small speak impediment and comes through when she is preforming her search and seizure, arrest and radio protocol mainly due to the fact that she feels under pressure and becomes nervous. This is something we can help her with and as she calms down and relaxes I cannot see it being a problem. She does work well in the group and show respect to her group and sergeants. Her note book is well kept and she gets involved in the lectures. She is a tough lady and when called a pone can be stern, which is a positive in this line of work. With more training and guidance, she will be a very good mamba. Confidence with in her will come.

Enny Midaka
Enny is without doubt the most confident trainee in the group, her influence and energy certainly rubs off in the group as long as it is in a positive manner it is a very good asset for her to have. She is loud and not afraid to ask questions. She works well in the group but has a tendency to favour group members, which can create problems. She has the potential to be a good leader in the group if we can guide her into being fair and equal. She is very intelligent, picks up information quickly and can, for the most part follow directions and orders well, her note book is kept in good order. Her fitness and physical strength needs a lot of work but the training program will help a great deal as she has, in the short time so far, improved. Her search and seizure, radio and arrest procedure is of a good standard. A worry we has is that she can be over confident and occasionally shows disrespect to the sergeants and group members. Enny has great potential but needs to be guided in the right direction.

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